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Creative Improv

An audience interactive workshop covering the basics of making music on the spot. The OM Sound will create a song with the audience’s suggestions and participation, explaining musical terms and inspirational songwriting tactics as they go. The workshop is based on improvisation, spontaneous expression, and creative freedom rather than structured song forms. (This workshop is also open [and ideal!] for collaboration with other festival musicians)


Yoga Classes (with option of live music accompaniment)

Marina Durham is an advanced yoga practitioner with 275 hrs of training from Yoga Alliance certified schools: Arhanta Classical Hatha Ashram in India and Eoin Finn / Blissology. She teaches an inspiring, fun, all-levels class with a focus on self-expression and internalization.

The OM Sound also plays live behind Marina’s or other yoga instructor’s classes, featuring live looping, soundscapes, and didgeridoo. The music is freely improvised to flow with the structure of the yoga class.