The OM Sound truly redefines the concept of “power trio.” From their infectious rhythms to thick jazz harmony and layers of live looping, their music can only be described as relentless. With hip-hop verses to empower the people, The OM Sound merges technical drumming with electronic percussion, synths, shredding keyboards and crunchy guitar. Bold harmonies contrast with deep basslines; didgeridoo accents are the cherry on top. Frequently compared to groups like Gogo Penguin, Jordan Rakei, and Snarky Puppy, they set themselves apart by their connection to the hip-hop and prog genres.

A socially conscious message, evolved from extensive travel, is conveyed through soul-stirring lyrics and diverse world influences. Criss-crossing from coast to coast on three month long tours, The OM Sound is no stranger to the road in their quest to share their prog-hop sounds with those near and far.

During the pandemic when touring was not an option, The OM Sound recorded live in Montreal and produced a large number of new singles, complete with music videos, lyric videos, and behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries. They also collaborated with other musicians and released several remixes. A full album featuring some of those singles will be released in early 2024. The album enters the progressive realm of hip-hop blended with jazz, funk, prog, and more.

They are currently in the studio recording a full EP of classical music turned into hip-hop. Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Bach are about to collaborate with modern instruments and vocalists. The songs will have some exciting feature performers and show another side of The OM Sound’s versatility.

Prior albums, Imminent Light (2018, Montreal, CA), Gardens in the Ghetto (2016, Montreal, CA) and The Tipping Point (2014, Melbourne, AU) explore the artful chaos of urban living and the education of traveling.

Over the course of five cross-Canada tours, hundreds of shows, self-produced videos and recordings, and connections made across the globe, The OM Sound define themselves by their endless expansion. With their passion for creation driving them onward, they empower with every performance.

Marina Durham
Orion Miller
Varoujan Mardirossian
“There’s a loft somewhere in the Tower of Song for these three. This “glitch-hop” trio is an example of what happens when you move from Vernon to Montreal with a groove surplus: boom, drummer. The Force connection between Marina on the synth machines and Orion on guitar allows Varoujan to jedi around on the kit pretty much at will, to wondrous ends. Or maybe they’re from the 27th century and it just looks like magic.”
Peter North
Artistic Director, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival